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Reflexology and foot massage, and its benefits

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Reflexology and foot massage helps improve body functions by applying pressure on some points under the foot called zones. These zones correspond to different body organs; so massaging the reflex centers under the foot helps in improving the body system for better health. Reflexology and foot massage has been practiced in India and China for centuries now.
Foot massages help stimulate good enzymes and chemicals that promote improved health. In fact, reflexologists also claim that this techniques of massaging reflexes helps cure some illnesses.
Who can have a reflexology and foot massage?

Any adult who is risk free can have this massage. However there are some conditions where it’s better to avoid a foot massage. It is when you have any internal or external bleeding, if you are pregnant and if you recently had a heart attack.
There may be some pain and mild discomfort when you start the massage, which vanishes when the masseur completes your foot massage. These massage typically last 45 minutes to an hour and are usually a relaxing experience. So if you don’t actually relax or enjoy the massage, do mention it to your masseur.
It’s better to avoid eating anything immediately before or after your reflexology and foot massage. It is also important that you get your massage from a veteran masseur as they know exactly which zone in your foot corresponds to particular organs.
Moreover, you have to inform the reflexology expert of any body and health problems you have before having your massage. This thus helps the masseur concentrate on treating the respective health problems and thus improve your health.
Health benefits of reflexology
While reflexology can help some ailments, they don’t actually provide a cure for them. However a foot massage is beneficial in many ways:
First of all, it helps reduce stress in the body and provides relief for tired feet. It is helpful at alleviating pains and aches and can thus, induce better sleep.
Reflexology and foot massage is also helpful at providing good sleep and in bringing some peace of mind.
It also helps provide some relief from headaches and sinuses while improving energy and body circulation.
How to start
It is better to look at a reflexology chart before getting a foot massage so that you can choose a zone on your foot to concentrate on first. If you have back pains, you could focus on applying pressure to your feet pads and if you just want improved health, start from the center of your foot and work way out.
You can apply the required pressure to the respective regions using your thumb or other fingers. It’s not necessary to apply oil or lotion while massaging; and if you do this at least once a day, you see marked improvements in your health.
Other foot stimulation techniques
If you don’t have the time to look at a reflexology chart and get a massage, you can just give yourself a quick foot massage without targeting pressure points. Even walking barefoot in a park or the beach helps massage your feet.
You could also get an appointment with your local spa or salon or buy an electric foot massager with rotating discs, sit back and relax your feet.

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